The pilot project "Skyarc North-West" is aimed to solve the problem of integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into the airspace of the Russian Federation on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
Nowadays, the period for consideration of an application for or a UAV flight permit over St. Petersburg is 30 days.
The submission to the local regime and the flight plan also takes several days.
This creates additional barriers to the development of modern types of business.

As part of a pilot project, we will simplify this process as much as possible and shorten its duration using digital services, making the sky more accessible in space and time.
We will simplify the process and reduce the time required to complete the procedures required for UAV flights in St. Petersburg.
We will increase pilot awareness of no-fly zones and situational awareness of remote pilots, which will help maintain an appropriate level of flight safety.
We will free up a significant amount of airspace, increase its capacity and rationality of use. The development of the industry will contribute to the improvement of the regulatory framework.
Where is the pilot zone deployed?
We were looking for the most suitable site for the creation of a pilot zone, where it would be possible, without compromising safety, to test the implementation of UTM, to work out UAV flights outside the line of sight. The authorities of St. Petersburg have shown interest in the development of urban air mobility.
Why Saint Petersburg?
The northern capital is one of the largest drivers of the Russian economy. The most important business events for the country are held in St. Petersburg, such as the SPIEF. The country's first digital air traffic surveillance system was installed here in Saint Petersburg, Pulkovo International Airport (LED). And here the world's largest surveillance field is deployed - about 1 million square kilometers. And the developed general aviation in the megalopolis makes it possible to test the Skyarc UTM system in real conditions for further consistent implementation in other cities.
We welcome all interested in air traffic participants to take part in the pilot project
Pre-flight informing
Testing of the pre-flight information service for UAV external pilots, providing information on areas permitted for flights, weather reports and data on additional restrictions.
Flight planning
Testing of automated flight planning for UAVs in the pilot zone "Skyarc North West" together with the owners of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Electronic identification eID
Testing of the service for electronic identification using the infrastructure of cellular operators and a small-sized UAV transponder AST-401.
Tactical deconflicting
Testing of the DAA collision avoidance service and maintaining an appropriate level of flight safety.