The Aeroscript Research Center is an innovative company that has combined the expertise of engineers in the area of air navigation and IT specialists in creating technologies for organizing safe unmanned air traffic, and in settlements to increase urban air mobility as well.

The team of radio engineers of "Aeroscript" are innovators in the development and certification of on-board equipment and ground air traffic control (ATC) systems, while the programmers of the research center have many years of experience in developing software for critical air navigation systems in a wide range of areas.
Project Management
The company's management is part of the global industry community and is actively involved in the development of international regulatory documents and standards such as Eurocae, RTCA, ICAO.

Aeroscript is implementing the first pilot project in Russia for the safe integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the airspace of cities and suburbs in the Northwestern Federal District in actual conditions.
We combine expertise in the field of air navigation, modern IT approaches to automating and optimizing the use of airspace and innovations that reduce the human factor in aviation, to ensure air traffic safety in new realities
Air navigation technologies
We have many years of experience in the radio equipment development and certification for aviation.
Data protection
We develop the most complex services and applications in terms of information and cyber security.
Development of standards
We are part of the global professional community and actively participate in the development of international standards and requirements for certification of aviation equipment.
Our team members successfully integrate complex infrastructure projects on a federal and global scale.
Integration of modern IT technologies into the conservative aviation industry requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the development culture and special attention to issues related to aviation safety. You may ask "why?"

First of all, due to the absence of a pilot on board the aircraft. Secondly, it is necessary to maintain the required level of flight safety while controlling hundreds and thousands of drones at a time.

We work to effectively integrate modern IT technologies into the traditional, conservative air navigation industry.

We develop the digital code of aviation.
Alexey Khripunov