Skyarc is the first full-fledged UTM system in Russia that uses navigation and surveillance data, meteorological information, aeronautical information, and geospatial data.
Innovative IT product is a distributed cloud solution. Preventing possible collisions of aircraft in the sky, Skyarc ensures conflict-free air traffic, safety and information security of flights (protection of communication channels, resistance to cyber attacks).
For remote pilots, specialized agencies, local authorities, an air navigation service provider (ANSP), an urban air traffic operator, industrial companies and corporations with their own drone fleet.
Flight planning
Single window for receiving flight plans and transmitting them to the ATM
Collision avoidance - detect&avoid (DAA), electronic identification eID, remote command and control C2
Data on maximum allowable altitudes, flight restricted zones, prohibited and dangerous zones, NOTAM
Weather data and report
Cross platform exchange
Interfaces applicable for integration with ATM and Antidron systems
Big Data
User digital footprint: storing flight data throughout the entire life cycle
LTE Transponder
Electronic identification transponder for small UAV AST-401.
The product is designed to provide surveillance and identification of unmanned aerial vehicles in the coverage areas of networks of third and fourth generation cellular operators (3G and 4G - LTE)

Built-in GNSS: Glonass, GPS
Adaptive fastening system
Size: 51 x 81 x 22mm
Weight: 60 gr
Consumption: 1.5W
Data transfer protocol: ED-282.

According to Russian law, most of the airspace is closed and special permits are required to use it. Skyarc will expand the boundaries and streamline urban air traffic, and this is new opportunities for business development and economic prosperity. The time for coordinating flights will be reduced, the digital service will do it automatically. The UTM system is a complex solution that can be integrated into any corporate environment.
Anyone can become a user of the Skyarc UTM system: an owner of the drone, and commercial organizations that provide aviation services, and large corporations that have their own UAV fleet.
We invite all air traffic participants to cooperate.