Alexey Khripunov ,
Dear friends! Welcome to the official website of Aeroscript!

We are lucky to live in the era of the emergence of smart cities and new generation urbanism. Just try to imagine the metropolis of the future. By 2035, hundreds and thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles per hour will hover over St. Petersburg and Moscow, sharing the airspace with manned aircraft and helicopters.

The safety of such intensive takeoff and landing operations will be ensured by Transport Infrastructure 3.0, similar to ground traffic. Digital roads, smart intersections, overpasses will be built in the air. On the ground, there will be a network of vertiports with charging stations, video analytics and recognition systems, high-precision surveillance technologies, smart navigation and secure communications. The sky will be open, accessible and safe.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are already in operation for needs of the oil and gas industry, transportation, search and rescue missions, agricultural sector, entertainment and healthcare industries. In the sky, traditional air traffic management mechanisms are being digitally transformed.
Integration of modern IT technologies into the conservative aviation industry requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the development culture and special attention to issues related to aviation safety. You may ask "why?"
First of all, due to the absence of a pilot on board the aircraft. Secondly, it is necessary to maintain the required level of flight safety while controlling hundreds and thousands of drones at a time.

We create a technology platform that will integrate drones effectively and safely into the air traffic of today and tomorrow. Our innovative software solution is the urban air traffic management system called "Skyarc". The first in Russia and one of the first in the world.
We work to effectively integrate modern IT technologies into the traditional, conservative air navigation industry.

We develop the digital code of aviation.